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What's your motivation? Hear from our customer Toni.

by Lisa Fritzky, on Dec 20, 2018 11:53:10 AM

We know adding a StemFreeze blood draw to your day’s itinerary is not the most exciting event to look forward to, which makes us curious, what motivates you to preserve your stem cells? Our Silene community has been sharing with us their reasons, which include: wanting to live to 100, being able to channel their inner athlete for years to come, concern over their family’s health history, control over future health after enduring a challenging experience, prevention, security, excitement to be a part of a health community, and for the love of science and technology. 

Here's what are valued customer, Toni, had to say: 

Customer Spotlight Blog Photo - Toni“The cost of StemFreeze is a small price to pay to ensure a healthier future, and life insurance only matters when you’re gone; this is your investment to live a longer and more vibrant life. My family’s health history is unknown, and by preserving my stem cells with StemFreeze, I’m able to take control and prepare for my future health.”

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