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by Lena Shaw, on Sep 19, 2018 3:51:20 PM

[SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, September 10th, 2018—] Silene Biotech announced today the launch of the first concierge stem cell preservation service for adults, StemFreeze Concierge. StemFreeze is the first FDA-compliant direct-to-consumer stem cell service that both collects and stores valuable stem cells for clients until those cells are needed for treatments. With StemFreeze Concierge, the collection can now be done conveniently in a home or office setting.

Silene cofounder and CEO, Alex Jiao, Ph.D., says cell therapies aren’t some long-term gamble that may or may not pay off. “Countries around the world are recognizing the potential in using our cells as therapies, and are even changing their laws to allow accelerated development of these therapies, like the FDA has recently done. But you need high quality cells for effective therapy. Along those lines, your younger stem cells are more regenerative. They’re more usable, safer, and because of that, you’ll want to secure them for the future,” Dr. Jiao says.

Stem cells could provide the basis of effective, personally tailored treatments for a number of diseases and health conditions, with research in this field developing at a rapid pace. However, most solutions currently on the market require invasive procedures, such as bone marrow aspiration, in order to retrieve the stem cells for storage.

With StemFreeze Concierge, the procedure is much simpler and less intrusive. Clients schedule a straightforward blood draw, which can take place at any partner location, or through the concierge service at the client’s home or office. A licensed phlebotomist performs the procedure according to the Silene Biotech protocol. The procedure takes only ninety seconds on average, and the collected blood is then processed, frozen and shipped to storage partners. When the need arises, the stem cells are immediately ready for incorporation into a personalized treatment plan.

Silene co-founder and COO, Lena Shaw says, “The ease of of the procedure and the convenience of the Concierge Service is all part of a new wave of healthcare focused around the individual.” Shaw goes on to say, “Healthcare is becoming more personalized and consumer driven every day and with our new Concierge Service we bring the latest technology to you and it is fast, convenient and affordable”.

Silene Biotech was founded with a passion for health and a mission to provide people with access to a better quality of life. We’re committed to advancing the field of medicine through credible science with a focus on our customers. We’ve streamlined complicated medical processes to offer you the most convenient, affordable, and credible stem cell preservation service.

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