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Have you met team GForce?

by Lisa Fritzky, on Mar 4, 2019 2:21:12 PM

A team of super heroes (without the capes) set to battle Parkinson’s Disease through stem cell therapies.


GForce may sound like a team of super heroes, and although these individuals don’t come with capes and magical powers, they do have a mission: take down Parkinson’s disease. Formed in 2014, the GForce is an alliance between lead researchers and clinicians from around the globe who are focused on sharing their research to accelerate the development of stem cell therapies to defeat Parkinson’s Disease. Parkinson’s is a very serious neurological disorder that impacts ten million people in the world. The disease causes people to have tremors and muscles that freeze up, which is caused by loss of a specific neuron in the brain called dopamine neurons. Currently, there is no current treatments that can repair the brain damage caused by this neuron loss, but researchers are hopeful that stem cells will be able to repair these cells with a stem cell-derived dopamine neuron transplant.

The GForce was started by a core of four researchers:

Click here to read more about these scientists.

Sights are set on 2023 for the first available treatment for Parkinson’s Disease

We’re excited to say that under Jun Takanashi’s leadership, the first clinical trial is underway in Japan to treat patients with Parkinson’s. The first patient is a 50-year old man who had 2.4 million dopamine precursor cells implanted into the brain. As stated in the article, 'Reprogrammed’ stem cells implanted into patient with Parkinson’s disease, "Takahashi says that if this trial goes well, they might have enough evidence for the treatment to be sold to patients as early as 2023, under Japan's fast-track approval system for regenerative medicines."

 In the next year, the goal is to treat six more patients. Read the full article here. 

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