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Have you ever met a triple threat?

by Lisa Fritzky, on Jan 25, 2019 12:43:35 PM

We have! Her name is Shauna Harrison- health ambassador, community inspiration, and academic.


Everyone has that one friend who does it all, and we have Silene community member Shauna. With more than 80K followers on Instagram, we’re not her only groupies.

Shauna’s achievements and community impact are endless- not only does she have degrees from Stanford, UCLA, and Johns Hopkins, she also has a PhD in Public Health, teaches fitness classes across the country, created “Muscle + Flow,” her own athletic, strength-based form of yoga to hip-hop music, and inspires people of all ages and backgrounds to get up and move with her #SWEATADAY challenge and scholarship program.

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Without a doubt, Shauna is the quintessential example of health. And even though a healthy lifestyle in the present day can help to prevent a myriad of health-related issues in the future, Shauna has also taken prevention one step further by storing her stem cells with our StemFreeze service. Watch Shauna’s StemFreeze blood draw experience captured on video, and you can follow her on Instagram- @ShaunaHarrison   

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How can stem cells benefit future health?

Stem cells are the master building blocks for our bodies: they generate our cells, repair our organs, and have the ability to self-renew. They are essentially for maintaining our bodies, but unfortunately, they age as we do. This aging is irreversible, and is attributed to your lifestyle, environment, and genetics, and accelerates after our 40s. By preserving your stem cells today, you can halt the aging process - and your cells will be at their youngest and most vibrant for use in future approved stem cell therapies, if you ever need them.

Download our free stem cell guide Stem Cells in Plain English to learn more about stem cells. Interested in preparing for your future health? Schedule a consultation with us today to learn more about how you can preserve your stem cells. 

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