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Customer Spotlight: The end to chronic knee pain

by Lena Shaw, on May 16, 2019 11:41:43 AM

Meet our customer, Anna - runner and hiker, lover of lentils and solves critical business problems as an industrial engineer.


This week, we're looking at knee osteoarthritis - the most common form of arthritis affecting over 30M US adults annually. Knee osteoarthritis historically has had limited treatment options with less than ideal outcomes -- outcomes that require ongoing treatment. 

You may be asking, "what causes arthritis?" - the answer is, unfortunately, "daily life". 

Anna had a similar diagnosis with limited long-term treatment options:

  • Age: 28
  • Ailment: Chronic knee pain when running.
  • Diagnosis: Damaged articular cartilage. (Articular cartilage of the knee protects the bones by absorbing shock up to 20 times the body's weight and decreasing friction). 
  • Cause: General wear and tear over time or after knee surgery. Often seen in athletic types. In Anna's case, years of playing soccer and running daily. 
  • Long-term treatment: Micro-fracture surgery

Anna did her research and quickly realized...

"Cartilage is not able to repair itself completely inside the body, so if I wanted a chance at full recovery in the long-term, cartilage regeneration was the only option.

As a successful industrial engineer, Anna prides herself in her keen ability to identify solutions to solve for operational inefficiencies and she knew there had to be another treatment option for her injury.  Anna found and joined a clinical trial with a cartilage regeneration treatment but unfortunately she wasn't chosen in the lottery and she underwent the Micro-fracture surgery-- and soon after became a StemFreeze customer in San Francisco.

Anna felt,

"Going through this knee injury at my age made me realize that while my cells may be currently healthy to use for cartilage regeneration, that might not always be the case. They’re only getting older from here! The next time there is a need for stem cells in my life could be for a knee or another vital organ, or even for myself or a family member. We’ll never know what we will need in the future, but by storing my stem cells with Silene Biotech, I can provide the key ingredient to treat many diseases or injuries for myself and my loved ones! "

Good news for Anna!

With the continued advancement of therapies using patients' own cells, if Anna requires treatment in the future, she has the opportunity to use her, younger, preserved cells. Read about: MACI, an FDA-approved therapy using ones own cells to repair knee cartilage


Anna's giving herself an option in the future and we'd love to answer any questions you may have regarding cell preservation, in hopes of giving you that option as well. 

" Transition your thinking to the long game of longevity… what should you stop doing & what should you start doing NOW to maintain an active healthy lifestyle in the future. " - Anna, Age 30

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