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Stem Cells in Plain English [eBook]

by Lena Shaw, on Feb 19, 2018 4:42:19 PM

If you have a general idea of what stem cells are but are unsure of their capabilities, limits and their potential, you’re not alone. Many of the questions we receive revolve around the ubiquitous but somewhat mysterious “stem cell”. Unfortunately, scientists aren’t usually great at disseminating this information widely and in an easy to understand format. The Silene Biotech Stem Cells in Plain English guide will hit the main points of stem cell biology without getting complicated but technically accurate.

If you’re interested in stem cells, stem cells application, current stem cell treatments, potential in regenerative medicine, or simply a science enthusiast – be sure to read our free guide, Stem Cells in Plain English.

After reading this guide, we're hoping you will be able to answer the following common questions (don't worry, you're not alone):

  • What are stem cells?
  • What do stem cells do in the body?
  • How do stem cells change over time?
  • What is stem cell preservation?
  • Are you in need of stem cell preservation?
  • Is stem cell preservation worth it?
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