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Customer spotlight: A lifestyle 180 and a plan to live to 100

by Lisa Fritzky, on Feb 22, 2019 12:55:19 PM

Meet our customer, Chris- mountain and road biker, plant-based eater, and drone entrepreneur. 

Chris B spotlightChris may be at his pinnacle of health now, but this wasn’t always the case. After years of working in the tech industry, demanding sales job, and post-work happy hours, Chris was not only feeling lethargic, but he packed on 30-pounds of weight too. Realizing he wasn’t living a life that would give him the most purpose or make him feel well, he decided to make some significant lifestyle changes. He first eliminated sugar, then dairy, and ultimately adopted a plant-based diet. He also swapped happy hours for a new hobby, cooking, and reacquainted himself with his old passion for mountain and road biking. 

Reaping the benefits of these lifestyle changes with weight loss and more energy, Chris decided to set another goal for himself-  live to 100, and not only live to 100, but feel good at 100. His focus on longevity was inspired by the book, Blue Zones, which shares secrets from communities that have people who are living and “thriving” well into their 100s. Chris said:

“with this book, I discovered that living to 100 isn’t just a genetic lottery, but can be influenced by living life with purpose, behavioral changes, and a positive mindset. I also realize that there are health circumstances that are out of my control, and after learning about the potential of stem cells and on-going therapies in clinical trials, I preserved my cells as a second line of defense, so I can fix what may pop-up health-wise and continue striving for that long and healthy life.”

Whether your goal is to live to 100 or just live comfortably into your older age, learn more about how you can preserve your stem cells to be used for future approved therapies by scheduling a consultation with us. 

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